Democracy around the world is at risk. We work to preserve it.

Democracy House is a new Canadian-based group dedicated to the promotion of democracy and respectful political debate.

Democracy House is a grass-roots movement dedicated to preserving and strengthening democratic systems and practices in Canada and around the world. We believe that democracy must be owned and defended by all people all the time in order for it to survive and thrive.

Through a range of activities, events and platforms, Democracy House strives to encourage meaningful discussion and debate, provide educational opportunities, and promote respectful dialogue in both non-partisan and multi-partisan environments.

We believe that a strong democracy can only exist when people are engaged, with each other and the system itself. We work to ensure that politics are accessible and relevant to everyone by creating and promoting respectful environments for discussion and debate; by educating young people about democracy in action and their own impactful potential; and, by emphasizing non-partisan and multi-partisan engagements in pursuit of our shared goals for the greater good.

Our values include:

Trust and Respect

We believe in the importance of celebrating the perspectives of others and engaging all stakeholders in good faith, with confidence and with the hope of mutual success.

Inclusion and Diversity

We respect, acknowledge, and celebrate differences and believe that everyone is welcome and can feel confident in participating and contributing in a manner that reflects their values.

Openness and Engagement

We believe in the importance of creating a safe environment where every view and belief are worthy of examination and consideration. Where all individuals feel emboldened to seek out the ideas of others, and where all are heard and valued for their contributions.

Our Mission

To be the leading advocate for democratic principles and values.

Our Vision

To create welcoming spaces where perspectives evolve and friendships flourish.

Our Story

We are Democracy House: A diverse, inclusive group of concerned individuals working together to educate and inform citizens of the importance of democracy and what they can do to help preserve it.

More About Us

Our Motivation

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

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Email: engage [at] democracyhouse [dot] ca
Tel: 437-886-5296 (Toronto local)